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I’m baaaaack!

Holy moly my last 5 days have been a whirlwind!

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post or comment, but I was reading! The internet was horrible in the condo where we stayed and it took my computer FOREVER to load posts, so I didn’t even make an attempt at posting or uploading pictures.

Things I did while I was away:

Beach lounged

Beach walks

Morning runs

Ate cookie dough cereal

Craved AB sandwiches on white bread with the crusts cut off –all day long (for real, I’m pretty sure I ate 6 of these in three days)

Ate mountains of frozen yogurt

Outlet mall shopping- J. Crew hollaaaa

Went crabbing (unsuccessful)

Frolicked in the waves


Paddle boarded- SO MUCH FUN

Mini golfed

It was pretty action packed!

We got back to Lexington last night, and I woke up early this morning to catch a flight back to Amherst. I was so relieved that my flight was on time and I arrived in Hartford safely.

BUT THEN, I got to my car and it was dead. Traveling never goes smoothly for me. When I realized that my car was dead, I sat on the floor of the parking garage and meditated so I didn’t lose my mind. (Really, I know thats gross, but desperate times call for desperate measures)

Then, I went back inside, and tracked down someone who could jump start me and made it back home! YAY!

Then I immediately laced up my sneaks for a 6.5 mile stress relief run. Although it is 90* here right now(and my apartment doesn’t have air conditioning), it was superb.


I’m really sorry this post is boring and has no pictures. My internet is being funny, and everything is taking super long.

I move tomorrow, so hopefully all of that goes smoothly– but I’ll let you know! :)



What is the BEST vacation you have ever taken?  A few years ago my family went to Maui and it was GORGEOUS. I ate my weight in pineapple every day and drank pina coladas and cliff jumped into the ocean. Perfection!

How do you calm yourself down in stressful situations?  Obviously, I sit on the nasty ground and meditate. But hey, it works! :)

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Health and fitness and fun lovin' college student eating, running and playing my way through life.

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  1. Holy crap that sounds like an awesome trip! Kayaking and paddle boarding? I=jealous! Haha.

    The best vacation I’ve ever been on was a few weeks ago I went to Phoenix, AZ for a bible conference for 4 days, pretty much we ate awesome food, learned about God amongst an awesome group of people, I lifted weights in best hotel fitness center ever, and we hung out in the sunshine. It was ahh-mazing!

    In stressful situations I usually take some deep breaths, do a few random yoga poses and pray. Usually helps :)

  2. Yay you’re back! hehe…but no, soooo happy to hear that you had a kick butt vaca with the family! anything with monstrous amounts of fro yo, mini golf, runnin, and cookie dough cereal would be a hit in my book. as for paddle boarding, i seriously need to try that sometime…sounds like a blast!

    though not so happy to hear about your big car debacle, been there, sucks the big one. so sorry on that, but way to be a champ and stay calm, get the situation fixed, and finally get home in one piece!

    for me when i get really stressed i try to just think of one thing at a time (usually it’s because i’m feeling overwhelmed), breathe, and running always helps too.

    Good luck on the move! :)

  3. So jealous you were on vacation! I’m in desperate need of one.

    Best vacation I took was for my 21st birthday, my boyfriend and I went to Maui. I wish I were back there now.

    The mental picture of sitting on the ground meditating next to a dead car made me laugh. That should be in a movie!

  4. Wow, sounds fun. I had a busy weekend too, but instead of me taking a trip my sister came to see me! Having someone else visit counts as a vacation right? I think so!

  5. I dont do very well in stressful situations!! I tend to ball it all up inside and then just let it bring me down. Sometimes, I get super angry and then it helps if I have a soccer game or something cause I can take my anger out on the field ;)

  6. Lenna (veganlenna)

    It sounds like you really enjoyed your trip!!! Glad to hear this:)
    My best vacation was probably last year´s trip to Norway, it was amazing and I hope to go there some time again!
    I am bad at calming myself, but I usually make myslef a cup of tea and paint some works:)

  7. the best vacation i’ve ever taken was a motor home road trip across Canada with my family back in 2002. i loved it so much because it was one of those vacations where everything doesn’t go as planned but because of it you end up visiting amazing little places you wouldn’t see otherwise … and making the most memorable experiences and moments <3



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