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Snack attack smack down.

Whaddup foolios?!

My morning has been supah hectic.  I planned to wake up earlier than normal to squeeze a workout in before we left for Destin, but my alarm went off and I just didn’t feel like it. Since I’m not one to “force” myself to workout I decided I’ll just take a nice cruise around the city later on this evening. What better way to see a place than to run around it?

After sleeping through my alarm, I woke up this morning to my mom asking me where my suitcase was.

Oh… I haven’t packed yet…

So I hopped up and threw some clothes and bathing suits and running shoes in a suitcase and called it a day. Im quite possible the worst packer in the universe. I always have WAY too much stuff.

Right now I’m chowin’ on breakfast:

Recycled picture, same breakfast.. even same mug.. weird.

A heaping half cup of oats (sometimes a half cup just isn’t enough)

1.5c Almond Milk

1 large banana (only lame-os use half of a banana)

cashews on top

Nice and filling for a day of travel.

But what happens when I get a snack attack? (Because I’ll be real with you.. there is no such meal that can fill me up for 4 hours, let alone a day of travel.)

Well, truth be told I was packing snacks last night while I should have been packing clothing. Priorities people, priorities. Among my cornucopia of snacks were:


Cashew cookie (duh) and Cookie dough!


The last of my cashews... :(


Bananas galore

Hey we've got 5 people. I can't risk running out.


A bag of oats

Bulk bin oats. Reduce your waste!! :)

A shelf stable carton of almond milk

Live. Saver.

An entire loaf of bread  (carb monster…)

Just act like its normal, ya dig?

A jar of AB (again, act like its normal)

Freeze dried strawbs/bloobs

Crunchy and tart! So good.

All together now:

I love snackin.

I wish cheese could be shelf stable.. I mean real cheese. Not cheese that comes in a squirt can. But I did used to love that stuff! I’d write my name on Wheat Thins and then demolish them. Thats as close to art as I ever got. ;)

I’m sure that on top of all this, I’ll throw some extra last minute snacks into the mix.

I’m going to try my best to keep up with bloggin/commenting while I’m away! It’ll be tough, but I love doing it, so I’ll try my best.

Do you pack a ton of snacks when you go on trips? I kind of have to because its hard for a vegetarian to eat on the road. But that doesn’t bother me because I LOVE this kind of food!

Do you eat differently when you’re on vacay? Normally I do. I tend to indulge more. Hey its a vacation. You’re basically obligated to indulge. ;)

Have you ever eaten squirt can cheese? I used to love it! No shame.

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  1. i always pack a ton of snacks!!!! :) i gotta have my foods! and i eat mostly the same….i may splurge on buying more health food for the trip. like exotic stuff. ahaha. :) and i used to eat squirt cheese too…and i LOVED it.

  2. I always pack waaaay too many snacks! Better to have too much than not enough and go hungry :P Especially on vacation, it’s tough to graze all day (as I usually do) because all your meals are usually big. I’ve actually never had Squirt cheese, but I used to love the cheese that came with Handi-snacks (remember those?!?!) and it probably is the same thing :P

  3. Nice snacks!! I’m a snacker as well, so I usually pack a few things. I usually grab some of my homemade power balls, homemade larabars, granola, apple slices and packets of almond butter. Oh yes :) have fun!!

  4. I always load up on granola, dried fruit, nuts, oranges, apples, etc… You never know what will come in handy!

  5. I’ll hold my hands up and say yes, i used to love squirty cheese. On crackers. For supper. it was the best! :-)

  6. when i go anywhere my foodage usually takes up half, if not more, of my luggage space. i have a problem…haha. but i’m always afraid i’ll want something and not be able to find it!

    squirt cheese is def something i loved. but i think most of the novelty was just the fact it could squirt. hello reddi-whip!! that said, i’m not gonna lie, i was the kid who LUVED that cheese that came in the lunchables and that plastic-esque kraft singles stuff!

  7. I always pack mass amounts of food too! I don’t usually eat tooo differently when I’m on vacation, just probably more ice cream. Summer vacation REQUIRES many ice cream trips.

    Oh my gosh squirt can cheese! Me and my brother and sisters used to stack up ritz crackers or wheat thins like a castle and then spray cheese all over it/in between to hold it up and decorate it! haha :) that stuff was fun.

  8. Yay, you are a serious “snacker” :)) But I am the same, snacks are so important part of daily eating :) And when I travel somewhere, I always pack a huge bag full of fruits, veggies, granola bars, sprouted legumes, sandwiches, nut butter jars etc. I take more snacks than clothes and other stuff :) But hey – it is better than go without food and then buy first unhealthy choco bar I see!

  9. Packing is such a pain in the booty! I always leave it to the last minute also. Hope you have a nice trip:)

  10. love love love larabars :)

    and I actually find that I eat almost…healthier (mindset wise) on vacations – I don’t really graze during the day because I’m so busy and focused on my trip … and whenever I’m out to dinner i try to stick to balanced meals and specialties of the area – even if something is “richer” or “more caloric” i tend to eat more intuitively and not stuff myself because I’m thinking less about the food and more about the vacation/people i’m with

  11. Looks like you got all the basics! Haha it’s so funny to see other bloggers pantrys-they tend to look verrryyy similar. I love the cashews. You inspired me a week or so ago to go buy BULK raw cashews at Wholefoods. Best. Decision. Ever.
    P.S. Since when does Mass get tornados? I hope no one you know was injured!

  12. Healthy Hot and Happy

    Oh man. When I went to Panama in June, I was afraid it was going to be difficult to find food suitable for my vegan lifestyle, so literally half my bag was packed with food. I actually barely touched it though, since you can literally buy fresh fruit/vegetables on almost every street corner there and the restaurants cater to vegetarians/vegans. But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

    On a side note, i’m glad I found your blog today! (:


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