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Spontaneity– the way to be.

I am spontaneous.

I love impromptu road trips, adventures, unnecessary detours, getting lost on purpose, exploring the unknown at odd times for no other reason other than to do it, making decisions on a whim..

There's that time I decided to dye my hair red... And got a red scalp with it. My big red curly fro shockingly resembled bozo the clown. It was awesome.

I adopted Igor on a whim. How could I say no to that face?!

Thats a picture of a fake T-rex and a sign that says "Dinosaur World"... My family wouldn't stop.. In hindsight, I'm thankful.

Well thank goodness this is the case.

My family is horrible at planning.  Excuse me.  I meant we don’t plan.  Since we all have such different schedules and live so far away from one another, we find it hard to spend any time together let alone get away for a vacay.  So, if we all happen to have a free minute, we just get up and go.

This morning, after breakfasting, my mom told me that were were going to Destin for a little get away this Friday. It’s currently Wednesday. This is a completely normal occurrence.

Keep in mind that I’m making the trek back to Massachusetts either Monday or Tuesday to move everything out of my apartment and into another. Yeah.. I have quite a busy week ahead of me.

Just goin with the flow.

Ps I bought the ugliest tomatoes yesterday (on a whim go figure) and I regret judging them by their appearance for the past few years. You know which ones I’m talking about…

A face only a mother could love..

Have a great day!

Have you ever tried the ugly tomatoes?!

Are you a planner or are you spontaneous?

Does being spontaneous make you uncomfortable?

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  1. I’m usually a planner but I can also be spontaneous. Sometimes being spontaneous ends up being more fun and definitely more of an adventure.

    btw, Igor is SO cute!

  2. Yes being spontaneous makes me wildly anxious, but this post inspres me to do it!

  3. Those ugly tomatoes are my favorite! That’s what I made my caprese salad with the other day! Gotta love heirloom tomatoes!

  4. I’m not sure if I’ve tried those tomatoes. I love tomatoes though. One thing that’s a favorite is tomatoes + feta + balsamic vinegar. Simple and perfect.
    Some things I can be spontaneous about and some not. It really depends on the situation.
    Today I saw that dragon fruit at the store and literally picked it up and stuck it in my cart. Tomorrow will tell whether I should regret it or not, haha

  5. I’m a planner, but if I feel like doing something spontaneously, I’ll do it! …as long as I don’t have something else planned


  6. Great post! I’m spontaneous with some things but like to plan with others. For instance, I pulled a last minute hair swap before, I got sick of it being so long so I just pulled out the scissors and lopped a bunch off myself. haha. But when it comes to taking trips or going places I usually like a little more warning that two days!

    Wow, you’ve got plenty going on this weekend, but I hope you are able to keep on rolling with the punches. You’ll no doubt have an awesome trip with the family and then get that whole ‘little’ move thing squared away. ;)

    On a final note, one of the best parts of being spontaneous is that you always come back with the BEST stories. :)

  7. Igor is such a cutie!! I couldn´t resist that face either :)
    I think that spontaneity is a great thing if it is really spontaneous. There are many people who think they are lacking on spontaneity, so the try hard ti be more spontaneous. That´s ridiculous!! How could you push yourself into sponteneity? Don´t they get the concept?
    I have never seen ugly tomatoes! Well, I have actually, but those were the regular ones, they just didn´t grew “pretty” :)

  8. Oh man I wish I was spontaneous! I’d like to think I am, somewhere in my brain, but I definitly like the certainty of my routine. I would love to do an impromptu road trip..if everything I needed to do for the week was done, so like half-spontaneous? :P Lol.

    I love your attitude towards all of that though, like oh yeah by the way I’m going on vacation, and I’m moving as soon as I get back, no big deal. Haha that’s so cool. Have fun!

    • Haha I like the concept of half-spontaneous. There is definitely a time and a place to spontaneity. There are also some things that can’t just be blown off.
      And I’d by lying if i said I wasn’t stressed about it, but I’m trying my hardest to keep a positive attitude! :)

  9. See I wish I could be spontaneous but I am a chronic planner. Which totally sux b/c it really takes the fun out of stuff sometimes. I will get so stressed about planning something that I will out on the event itself :(


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