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6 confessions and 1 fact

Confession:  I’m a fashion-least-a.

Most days I resemble something along the lines of this:

Yep. Shorts and a T + some Chaco lovin'

And this is as about as good as it gets for day to day wear:

Obviously I live in Chacos. And shorts.

Confession: Me using the “word” fashion-least-a makes me not funny. Alright, that wasn’t a confession that was just a fact.

Confession: I dip bananas into the community yogurt container when I want some lazy snackage. Sorry family.

Confession: I want to like iced tea, but its just not the same as coffee.

Florida Orange Rooibos- $3.00 worth of mediocrity.

Confession: Today I put cocoa powder into my coffee as it was brewing. (Genius, right?!)….

Then I tried to convince myself that it tasted spectacular. But really it tasted like regular coffee. Boo.

Confession: I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books multiple times…. Nerd alert! (Wizards>Vampires)

Confession: When I’m at my parents house and my little broski is yelling about how he wants chicken nugs for dinner I make him these:

Meatless chick'n, pleeezeee

He wonders why my mom and I giggle as he’s eating, but has yet to notice. (I’ve done this like 5 times.)

It felt really good to get all of that off of my chest :)

What does your typical day to day wear consist of?  

Any confessions you want to get off of your chest?  Hopefully my little bro-zo doesn’t read this post… :)

About Megan @vegetarianrhapsody

Health and fitness and fun lovin' college student eating, running and playing my way through life.

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  1. Day to day wear really varies for me. In the summer I’m all about shorts and cute tees!

  2. I am totally with you on fashion. I suck at it. LOL.

  3. I’m all about comfort, seriously I consider myself a closet hottie, which means unless I’m going out , you would never know I could look hot, lol! On regular days I wear my Vic secret pink sweats, tees, shorts, or lulu lemon clothes!

  4. Haha…I’m going to steal your term fashion-least-a because I suffer from the same affliction! :) I am in awe of all those women who effortlessly throw things together and look amazing.

    I confess that at 25 I still adore watching the Disney channel.

    Just found your blog and love it…keep on blogging, and I also confess to being a dorkwad myself. :)

  5. shhhh don’t tell, sometimes I feed my sibs weird things too. Tonight I fed my sister froyo made with greek yogurt.
    I love your outfits!! Just my style. So I don’t have much fashion either, haha.
    I usually wear comfortable clothing and I’ve been known to wear the same pants 2 days in a row.
    no fear, I also dip things in communal yogurt :)

  6. yes, coffee is always the BOMB. and tea doesn’t take its place, i agree. :) i normally wear,: jeans,sandles, a more “dressy” tank top type shirt..and pack a long a quarter length sweater, cause it’s always cold in class. (AND HOT OUTSIDE!!!)

  7. Haha great post! Love the idea of adding the cocoa powder to the coffee grinds!

  8. Loove Quorn products! Too funny that your brother eats them and doesn’t know!! I need to try that trick for sure :)

  9. I just had some chick’n tenders the other day that were so much like real chicken it was scary! You can definitely fool meat-eaters with these.

  10. I’m so NOT a fashionista. It’s pretty bad how lame I am. I really do love fashion and everything, but when it comes to dressing myself I seem to lose my mind or something haha

  11. hello! Just found your blog!

    I definitely admit to switching out some unhealthy foods for healthier options. Many times they will actually like it better. Win!

    and I’m sweatpants and t-shirts as much as possible. Give me comfy clothes and i’m a happy camper!


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