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Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Shout out to Mr. Rogers! I used to love that show. Even the creepy puppet people..

Moving right along..

I woke up bright and early this morning to sun shining through my windows. I get up around 6:30 naturally every day and I LOVE it. When I’m up at school, my roommates are still asleep and when I’m at home, the rest of my family is still asleep, so I get to make and eat breakfast and enjoy the peace and quiet for a bit before starting my day.

As per usual, I woke up next to my favorite boys:

The boys: My moms puppy named Palmer and my cat named Igor. They're the best of friends. Its adorbs.

Went down stairs, put on a pot of SUPA strong coffee and immediately got to work on breakfast. Brace yourselves.. Its different today!

Chocolate banana oats with cashews. Scarfed in warp speed immediately after this picture was snapped.

Alright, alright its not THAT different. I’m taking baby steps here, people. :)

As I scarfed my dessert, er, breakfast, I pondered what I wanted to do for a morning sweat sesh.  I opted for some biking around town. We have some killer hills around my parents city so I definitely got a great lower body + cardio workout.

The usual workout garb. Dri fit saves my life when I'm in the south. Fo realz.

I lunched, got clean, and lounged by the pool with a nice book.

Loungin in the sun.

Insert large amounts of snackage including another one of those delicious Alvarado St. Bakery sprouted wheat bagels + cream cheese + some cheese and crackers (I could live off of carbs and cheese alone. Fact.)+ handfuls of cashews.

I’ve been super snacky today, but I’ve just been rolling with it. Usually I eat around 6 times per day but today I’ve already eaten like 8 times. A while ago, this would have made me really uncomfortable, but now, I know that I can trust my body so when it says “feed me!” I happily oblige! Food is fuel! The fact that its scrumptious is just a bonus. :)

Have a great Saturday night!

Are you more of a snacker or a “three square meals per day” kind of person?  Normally I’m in between and eat three main meals and three or so snacks.

Do you have any pets? What are their names? The only one that is mine is my cat Igor or “Iggy”. My mom has a little dog named Palmer and we also have a giant German Shepard named Dash. Yes, like the kid from the incredibles.. :)

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Health and fitness and fun lovin' college student eating, running and playing my way through life.

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  1. Seriously a good idea! I live in the middle of nowhere and all roads seem to lead into each other- no good for biking= boring. I’ll try it though, eventually.
    Thanks for your great stance on “food is fuel”! I’m glad someone thinks this way- go eat those bagels and cheese!! I wish I felt brave enough to do so.
    I tend to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and then have mini snacks if I feel hungry. Lately I’ve taken to a protein shake around 3 because it holds me over until dinner.
    I used to have a Rabbit named Missy and 3 hermit crabs named Shy, Lively and Sort Of based on their personalities! Now I just have little siblings…haha

    • I’m so happy that I am honestly able to see food as fuel now. It makes it so much less intimidating. I was once where you are right now, and I know you will be able to do this one day too! :) And I definitely feel you on the siblings.. They can be a handful!

  2. i eat 3 square meals PLUS lots of snacks. i try not to focus too much on trying to figure out how many times i eat per day – i know i need to eat my three meals and if im hungry in between, at any point, i’ll just eat and roll with it. this past year has been a lot about trusting my own body, and as a result im a LOT happier and have a lot more energy to focus on… life!

    im pretty jealous of your lounging by a pool with a book… that sounds amazing =)

  3. You are so right- food is fuel and if our bodies are hungry that means we need it!! LOVING your blog btw! :)


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