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Air drums>air guitar

I’m going to go ahead and tell you a little bit more about myself since my last introduction post basically just told you that I’ve moved around a time or two.

Im probably the goofiest person that I know.

No, those aren't my real glasses. Yes, I was wearing them in public.

I’m very sarcastic.

I adopted a cat this year and I named him Igor.

He's adorbs.

Igor loves to play dress up.

He loves it. Trust me.

I love to bake.

Yes, that is a buttery flakey perfect chocolate croissant.

I have the best family on the planet. And by best, I mean loud, obnoxious, ridiculous.

My bro and sis. Yes, were really related even though Im 10 shades darker.

I love coffee. Straight up, purrrleaseeee.

I "heart" coffee. Haha get it? I'm not funny.

I love all animals

I look that good every morning... ick.

I love music. Mostly old school like The Beatles, ACDC, Steve Miller Band, Elton John, and Queen, but I also LOVE John Butler Trio, G. Love, and Dave Matthews band. And I play the air drums while driving. You’re lucky there is no picture of that. It’s not pretty.

DMB fire dancer. Love.

Whats your favorite band?

Do you play and air instruments?


About Megan @vegetarianrhapsody

Health and fitness and fun lovin' college student eating, running and playing my way through life.

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