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Allow me to introduce myself

Whaddup foolios?! I was up bright and early today, as per usual. I’m eating my breakfast of banana oatmeal made with almond milk (almond milk>water) and sipping some black colombian coffee as I write this post.

Perfection in a bowl. Get used to the banana+oats combo :)

Instead of jumping right in to my daily eats and workouts, though, I thought I should give you a little background info on myself.

I’m originally from the northeast (actually from the exact same town that I now attend college) but have lived in a total of four COMPLETELY different places throughout my life. Not only are they geographically different (obvs) but the culture of each place is veryyyyy different. Massachusetts is hippie central. People compost, we have vegan restaurants, and everyone recycles and wears hemp clothing. Then theres New Jersey, where the people made fun of my sister for wearing overalls to school. In her defense they were totes cool in Massachusetts.

No more overalls! My sister is the sparkly one.

Then theres Tennessee, home of the fried chicken, fried pickles, fried twinkies, fried snickers, fried oreos, barbeque, and country music. And currently, my family resides in Kentucky. Home of the horse farms… and thats pretty much all thats there.

Though moving and leaving friends behind isn’t fun, I’m grateful to have lived in such different places because it has made me more outgoing and adventurous and down for anything!

I’m off to frolic in the sun! And by sun, I mean cold rain. Gross.


Have you lived in the same place your whole life or have you moved around?

If you have lived multiple places, looking back was moving a good or bad experience for you?

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Health and fitness and fun lovin' college student eating, running and playing my way through life.

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  1. My family has lived in the same house since I was born, and my room has been my room my entire life. I am from the northshore of Boston actually! But I went to boarding school for HS so I have not really live-lived at home in 7 years!

  2. lookin good. You and your sister are pretty! I grew up in Saskatchewan and moved to Ontario (canada talk here :P) when I was 12. I lived in a couple houses with my parents, and now live in Ottawa, in an apartment with my boyfriend. Moving here destroyed me when I was 12, i was soooo sad. But now I am thankful!


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